Supernatural thriller

Short Description:
Uriel, Action; an ex-cop discovers that he is the incarnation of the Arc Angel Uriel who must fight London’s Crime world to reconcile his angelical past.


LONDON, PRESENT DAY: Due to a heroin addiction brought on by the death of his girlfriend (ALEX) and being shot whilst on duty, Diplomatic Protection Group officer, MARK CUNNINGHAM, is discharged from the Police Force. Unable to continue, Mark takes an overdose. Awaking in a disused hospital, Mark is informed by a woman, who claims to be a messenger from God, that he is the incarnation of the Arc Angel, Uriel, and must fight evil for the rest of his natural life if he wants to be re-united with Alex in the afterlife.

Waking up in a real hospital Mark learns that he has survived his overdose and believes the encounter to be a dream and he discharges himself. On the way home Mark saves a tramp, ICKEN, from being attacked by a gang of kids. Feeling sorry for Icken, Mark invites him home to recover and eventually invites him to stay. Slowly, Icken becomes Mark’s only source of friendship and a firm companion. One night, images of a local criminal committing horrendous acts flash into Mark’s head, accompanied by a constant tone and the knowledge that the only way to stop the mental onslaught is to kill the criminal. Now, starting to believe that he is Uriel, Mark starts an onslaught on London’s worst criminals leading to shoot outs and gritty fight sequences culminating in the death of one of the UK’s top politicians, ANTHONY WELLMAKER. Only this one was different; Mark only experiences his actions as a memory and has no idea why he is killing criminals, a politician and now, his former boss.

This causes Mark to question inconsistencies in his new line of work and to seek out who is really pulling his strings. His search leads him to a secret facility in its final stages of closing down. Mark breaks in and a woman from his dreams, KATHRYN, walks down the corridor. At gunpoint, Mark interrogates Kathryn and learns that he is an unwilling assassin for the NEW WORLD ORDER who have manipulated him through drugs and hypnosis for the sole purpose of killing the politician Wellmaker, so they can privatise the British Police force. Mark then shoots his way through the facility ending up face to face with the organ-grinder, GEORGE HALIBUT, a representative of the N.W.O. George tries to convince Mark to join the Organisation in a mass culling of the human race, professing that for the earth to survive only 1/6th of the human race can remain. This will happen whether he joins or not and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it, so he may as well be on the winning side. Sickened by the madness he is hearing, Mark puts an end to the proceedings with his 9mm, taking Kathryn’s advice and retreats to Scotland with Icken.