A Room to Die For


Short Description:
A Room to Die For is a Horror/Thriller from the makers of ‘Gangs of Tooting Broadway’.


When a broke young couple rent a room in an elderly couple’s London house, horror unfolds as no one appears to be who they really are.

Marcus Crowe is a stand-up comedian who could have made it big, but blew his opportunity and now has to settle for low-key gigs in nasty London pubs. His girlfriend, Jill, is desperate for Mark to come to terms with reality and urges him to pursue a secure future. Forced to vacate their two bed flat, the couple immediately find a perfect room to rent in the centre of London, owned by an old couple, Henry and Josephine Baker.

The old couple are seemingly very nice, taking an interest in the young couple’s lives. Marcus and Jill are shocked when told the old couple have a new born baby. Stuck in the house 24-7 and suffering writer’s block, Marcus spirals into paranoia shortly after, in what he believes is the old couple spying on them. One day, Mark finds the horrifying truth behind the baby and the old couple’s real reason for renting the room. Attempting to escape the house, he’s knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant and dragged into a basement…

A Room to Die For – A New Horror

Is a movie inspired by the psychological thriller of Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’, the extreme brutality of ‘Old Boy’, and the story motives of ‘I Saw the Devil’ creating an original psychological horror-thriller hybrid that will leave the audience shocked and entertained.

Directed by Dev Shanmugan, who previously shot the crime/action picture Gangs of Tooting Broadway. The cast includes Jon Campling (The Zombie KingTales of the Supernatural), Vas Blackwood (Creep), Loren Peta (Bad Moon Rising, Rock Band vs Vampires), Frederick Wolf (Witch,Allies)

Find out more at rancourthefilm.comand on the Facebook page. (Rancour was the working title for ‘A Room to Die For’)

Directed By
Dev Shanmugam

Written By
Matthew J Gunn and Dev Shanmuham

Produced By
Champagne Charlie Productions

Simon Cummins

Topher Cox