Out 25th July 2023 in the U.S.A

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This documentary explores the chilling reality of the erosion of free speech in the UK and across the world, as shown by the cases of Harry Miller and Graham Linehan. We investigate non-crime hate laws in the UK and their impact. ~
The film aims to expose the double standards and hypocrisy surrounding these laws.

Fear Hunters

Out Soon

A group of friends attending film school want to make the scariest film ever made, by first experimenting on unsuspecting members of the public.

Available Now

The God Plant 2: Legalization

The sequel to The God Plant explores the landscape now that medicinal cannabis has been legalised.

Out now on Amazon and Prime Video.

Visit thegodplant.com for more info

Night Explorers: The Asylum

When a group of Urban Explorers get the chance of a lifetime to explore one of the world’s most haunted asylums, they encounter something truly evil, that will not let them leave and will push them to the edge of sanity.

Visit night-explorers.com for more info

The Nature of the Cage: Mass Formation

The Nature of the Cage – Mass Formation, is a feature length documentary cataloguing the information and disinformation presented by the media and politicians over the pandemic.

The God Plant

This documentary seeks to be the ultimate Odyssey of exploration into Cannabis, starting from the formation of the Endocannabinoid system in the simple sea squirt, through to its early uses, the plant’s medical benefits then landing at the modern legalisation movements across the Globe.

A Room to Die For

A Room to Die For – is a Feature Film inspired by the psychological thriller of Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’, the extreme brutality of ‘Old Boy’, and the story motives of ‘I Saw the Devil’ creating an original psychological horror-thriller hybrid.

Resonance: Beings of frequency

Resonance is a sensational Documentary, which reveals 60 years of scientific research into the harm being caused to life by man made wireless frequencies.

Strawman: Nature of the Cage

The Nature of the Cage is an eye-opening Documentary, giving information on how to deal with Debt Collectors, Police, Government and any other organisation that tries to push it’s will on you.

In Development


Uriel, Action; an ex cop discovers that he is the incarnation of the Archangel Uriel who must fight London’s Crime world to reconcile his angelical past.


When a rogue, undercover agent steals highly confidential information from the Chinese government, the UK and China join forces to pursue her in a thrilling chase across London.

The Tombs

When the UK’s scariest attraction opens its doors to the press for one
night, a disgruntled employee releases a 16th century plague into the tombs. But this Black Death is like none before.

Mining Ship Echo One

The asteroid mining ship Echo One, is overcome by an alien virus, which
turns its hosts into vicious zombies hell-bent on contaminating the whole crew and taking the ship back to Earth.

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