Title: Thoughtcrime

Genre: Documentary

The Film:

This documentary will explore the chilling reality of the erosion of free speech in the United Kingdom and around the world, as evidenced by the cases of Harry Miller and Graham Linehan. We will delve into the non-crime hate laws in the UK and their detrimental impact on individuals, civil liberties, and most importantly, the pursuit of truth. The film will aim to expose the double standards and hypocrisy surrounding these laws, which often target those with unpopular opinions or dissenting voices.

Through interviews with Harry Miller, Graham Linehan, and other affected individuals, as well as expert analysis from legal scholars, political commentators, and free speech advocates, the documentary will aim to paint a vivid picture of the consequences of suppressing free speech. We will also explore the broader implications of these laws for a democratic society, highlighting the dangers of allowing government overreach and censorship to undermine the fundamental right to express one’s opinions.

” Thoughtcrime” will feature a range of case studies, showcasing how the non-crime hate laws have been used to target individuals for expressing their beliefs, even when those beliefs are not criminal in nature. Such as Sam Melia, sent to prison for two years for putting up stickers. Where the judge stated that no crime was committed, So, instead, he was jailed on intent. Also, Darren Brady, was visited by seven police officers for retweeting a post that rearranged four LGBTQ flags to form the Nazi swastika. He was told they were here because he caused someone anxiety.  By presenting a balanced and nuanced perspective on this complex issue, the film urges viewers to critically examine the consequences of suppressing free speech and the dangerous precedent it sets for a democratic society. In the end, this documentary will serve as a powerful reminder that the battle for free speech is far from over, and that it is up to each and every one of us to defend our rights and protect the foundations of democracy.