The Tombs

Genre: Horror
When the UK’s scariest attraction opens its doors to the press for one night, a disgruntled employee releases a 16th century plague into the tombs. But
this Black Death is like none before.

The London Tombs is the UK’s number one scare attraction. When a new, scarier section of the tombs is added, they decide to have a press night and invite the who’s who of the horror world. DANNY WRIGHT, a reporter with Friday Fright, arrives late after an argument with his boss. LOUISE, Danny’s intern, waits outside anxiously and when Danny arrives, she hurries him inside. In the main auditorium, the manager is in full swing with his presentation to members of the press and selected stars from the horror scene.

Meanwhile, SIMON, a disgruntled ex-employee, has broken into the Tombs and is planning to release a virus – synthesized from the bubonic plague and mixed
with rabies – into the ventilation system. The tour begins with everyone splitting up into groups of eight, in order to stagger the tour. The London Tombs is an
interactive experience, involving horrifying sets and actors combined, to scare the participants. The tour starts and the groups slowly descend downwards, until they are all entombed in the underground maze. The Manager then turns his attention to the celebrities that have decided to stay behind. Meanwhile, Simon releases the virus into the ventilation system and this sets off the fire alarm. Danny and Louise’s group are in a mock chapel, built within a catacomb, with an actor giving a speech. The alarm sounds but they are informed it is not a fire and told to stay put until further notice.

Whilst the manager is calming down his guests on the upper level, from out of nowhere, Simon, holding a shotgun, dressed all in Black and wearing a gas mask,
storms in and shoots everyone. He then locks and barricades the doors and descends into the tombs. Down in the Tombs, groups further into the experience, begin to feel the effects of the virus. Some collapse in convulsions, others throw up, some drop dead but some start to turn and attack others. The entire place turns into chaos. Through the mayhem strides Simon, shooting people with a shotgun and handgun as he goes.

Danny and his group start getting restless and are about to leave, when one of the other guests, now Infected, eyes blackened and blood seeping from every
orifice, enters the room. Danny and the others, thinking that he is an actor from the Tombs, ask him to “Snap out of character.” and tell them “What is going on?”
But he doesn’t. Instead, he jumps on a female member of the group and starts tearing at her face. The others beat him off and kill him in the process. The girl, though badly injured, survives the attack. Danny and another member of the group, ROBERT, decided to investigate. Hearing gunshots and screaming they run back to the others slamming the door behind them. They try to get out the way they came in but the door is locked and barricaded. The actor, leading the tour, informs them that there is a fire exit, about 100 meters in front of them.

They arm themselves with an assortment of improvised weapons and make a run for it. They come under attack from another Infected person but make it to the fire exit. It is locked with a heavy chain and padlock. This forces them to venture deeper into the Tombs. Inside, the attacks come thick and fast. Running and panic ensues, they fight back, slowly getting picked off as they go. Eventually, they come across Simon. A fight erupts between Danny and Simon. Danny wins. Simon is tied to a chair and Danny takes his guns. As they leave, the Infected surround Simon and begin to clamber over him. Now, only numbering four, the group descends deeper into the Tombs. Believing the way out to be through the non-public areas deeper inside. Coming under more attacks, but assisted by the guns, they continue
downwards. By the time they reach the deeper, older, real Tombs, there is only Louise and Danny left. Just as they are about to go through the tunnel, leading to
their freedom, Simon, now Infected, appears. Simon, Danny and Louise fight tooth and nail, eventually ending in the decapitation of Simon. Louise, however,
is badly injured. Danny tells her to stay put and vows to return with help.

Danny climbs through a small door and out onto the morning street. Eyes screwed up and adjusting to the light, Danny surveys his surroundings. As his eyes adjust, he sees that the Infected are everywhere. Tearing into people as they walk out of the tube station, dragging people from their cars and jumping on passers-by. It is total carnage. Danny takes a few deep breaths and then is sideswiped by an Infected.