Night Explorers: The Asylum

Genre: Horror

A Group of friends run a very popular YouTube channel that explores abandoned and haunted properties. They film their adventures on multiple cameras and drones, giving a high production feel to their videos. The group often encounter scary activities and ghostly apparitions, that leave their audience on the edge or their seats.

Following the group on a couple of their creepy adventures, we find out that they are actually faking most of their encounters. After a phone call with a rival channel, they get the chance to explore one of the most haunted properties in the world. A very large, disused mental hospital in the middle of Poland. Maybe this time, they can find something real.

Very excited about this opportunity, they plan to make it one of their biggest videos yet. When they get there, everything starts off as normal but they soon realise that something is very wrong.

For all their years of faking, they now encounter something truly evil, that will not let them leave the hospital.